Serving our nations Top Industries

Serving our nations Top Industries

Call Kent Safety Solutions for industry-specific safety training in Broussard or Lafayette, LA

Start taking your organization's safety seriously. Thousands of industries nationwide adhere to safety regulations. Companies that don't take these requirements seriously pay for it in heavy fines, drops in public opinion and, in the worst cases, human lives. At Kent Safety Solutions, we work with some of the most demanding industries, including:

  • Upstream, downstream and midstream petroleum
  • Natural gas
  • Pipeline operations
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • General construction

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Do you know the top 5 most frequent job site hazards?

OSHA inspects more than 8 million sites around the nation. Many of them have the same issues with health and safety. The top five compliance issues that OSHA reports are:

  1. Improper fall protections - usually on construction sites
  2. Hazardous communication and classification standards - across many industries
  3. Unsuitable scaffolding requirements - usually on construction sites
  4. Improper respiratory protections - across many industries
  5. Unsafe controls of hazardous energy - across many industries

Do you think you'd make a good safety management specialist? Kent Safety Solutions is hiring. Check out our Facebook page for more information.