How Can You Keep Your Job Site Safe in Broussard, LA?

Kent Safety Solutions offers industry-specific safety training

Your jobs are risky. We know it can be difficult to keep up with changing safety guidelines. Kent Safety Solutions is a leader in safety compliance for the energy, industrial, manufacturing and general construction industries. Our safety experts help you provide the safest conditions for your employees, so you can focus on your customers. Reach out to us today to schedule company training.

We’ll come to you for safety training, audits, consulting and more

Our safety management experts will come to your job site to perform audits and safety training. We can also send you an on-site safety clerk to make sure your company is following proper OSHA guidelines during a particularly difficult project. Our field services include:

  • Safety support for general construction, manufacturing and pipeline operations
  • Drilling and production clerks
  • Fire Watch personnel
  • Site assessments and audits

Call today to learn more about our safety personnel offerings in Broussard, LA.

3 easy safety rules to follow at work

Today’s industry with its volume of complex regulatory requirements can create an environment that is difficult to manage for Operational Supervisors. Kent Safety Solutions suggest three basic guidelines that offer steps that a manager can take to help create a safer work environment.

  1. Have a new hire orientation process in place that allows every employee to received training in the company’s written safety procedures. Refresh that training on an annual basis.
  2. Installation of proper signage for PPE, Hazards at hand, emergency treatment areas, fire extinguishers and emergency exits.
  3. Have a written procedure in place with training on how an employee should react to an emergency situation. Muster locations, accountability for everyone and procedure for an all clear and return to work.

These are just a few basic rules that will help create a safer work environment for your location. Call today 337-330-8188 to speak with one of our safety experts to discuss your specific safety needs.

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